Home-based enrichment playgroups

FUN@home home based playgroup is a unique programme developed by the Busy Tables team. The curriculum is adapted from our school enrichment programme to be conducted in the comforts of your home for a small group of toddlers.

A FUN@home programme consists of 4 lessons, each lasting between 30 – 45 minutes and is suitable for toddlers between 1+ to 3+ years old.

sensory play setup for busy tables enrichment class
Example of a sensory play setup

Check out the available programmes below, each programme has a limited run, do check with us via the contact form below for availability

Available programmes:
1) All about me (Available now)
2) My feelings (Coming soon)
3) Everything around me (Coming soon)

Fees (4 lessons):
1 to 2 children : $320
3 children: $420
4 children: $480
Trial lesson is available at $80 for up to 4 children.

kids doing activities during busy tables enrichment playgroup
Little hands at work during one of our classes

To sign up, all you have to do is the following:
– Gather a group of 1 to 4 toddlers.
– Decide on a place to host, this can be someone’s living room or yard.
– Get in touch with us via the contact form below.
– We will then contact you to provide more information.